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Forklift Attached Drum Turning Unit (Loop Chain)

Converts your fork truck into a drum handler! Forklift-Carrier can easily lift, transport, raise and tilt loaded drums. The 10mm pull-chain loop, allows full control without the driver leaving their seat. Offers versatile geared drum dumping and dispensing capabilities that do not require hoists For ease of use unit has geared rotation giving mechanical advantage of 30:1 Does not require any modifications to the fork truck Derivative available to handle Plastic and Fibre Drums (W240160F) Highly effective item of Drum Handling equipment to lift and dispense from steel and plastic drums

2 Wheeled Waste Bins

Need more space to collect your recycling or garden waste , why not get your own wheelie bin. Manufactured from high quality, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and compliant to EN840, RAL and DIN 30760. Unique design has produced noise level not exceeding 92dB. Containers are supplied with highly robust rubber 200mm dia wheels with sturdy axle mountings made from tempered steel. Attractive standard Green colour  ( other colours upon request ) Resistant to UV, frost, heat and chemicals. Cadmium-free and easily recycled. Rear handles for ease of movement. Range of accessories including: tow bar, paper slot, drop front, customised markings and logos