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Vertical Drum Sling - Heavy Duty

This unit will work easily with overhead hoist or hook from forklift. Moves and handles open or close-head loaded steel drum. Allow quickly and gently lifting or unloading drum into overpacks.    

Hydraulic Lift Furniture Movers

For professional transporting of heavyweight items. This unit is ideal for delivery, removal, maintenance and assembly applications  Sold in one set only: Including two transport unit with hydraulic lift and built-in securing straps. Strap length 5meters. Steering handles for di­rect wheel control. Operation: Position lifting plates (600x60mm) underneath item to be moved, Ten­sion securing straps. Lift item on both sides to equal height and move. Technical specification: Support rails with protective covering.Pow­der coated finish. Heavy duty wheels with ball bearings. Non-marking polyurethane wheel suitable for carpeted flooring.