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Vertical Drum Slings ( 210 Ltr Drum )

For lifting 210 litre open top and tight head steel drum, and plastic drums with large or extra large rings. 20mm diameter steel pin for attaching to overhead hoist or crane. Units can move and handle open or closed head steel drums easily. Allows quick, gentle loading into over packs and keeps drums upright during lift, reducing spills and injuries. WDL360 Fitted with 3 welded gripping hooks to ease safe location of the Drum. W240164 Fitted with large location pads to prevent damage to Drum. This simple but effective item of drum handling equipment gives superb performance and excellent value for money.

Drum Grab ( Polythene Drums )

Fork Mounted Automatically Easily and quickly lift drums without hydraulic or electric connections. Simply slip onto forks and tighten hand screws. Heavy duty steel construction. Lifts, transports and deposits drums without leaving the driving position. Firm pressure is automatically applied by action of the loaded drum and will be firmly maintained in the same position until being deposited, it is then automatically released.   Will lift 210 or 120 Ltr plastic drums