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Gator Grip Lifters

Our range of gator grip drum grabs will carry one or two drums using its unique automatic grip lock. The Gator grip maintains a positive hold on the drum rim over many challenging floor surfaces including rough ground. The Gator Grip safety outer lock feature will not open in transit and therefore ensures safe and secure drum movement. The Grip heads have different positions to fit different heights and can be simply adjusted to suit your drum type. The range will accomodate different weights and quantities of drum and gives you an easy and safe method of automatically picking and carryingmedium and heavy duty steel drums. 

Drum Closure Key

Our most popular drum accessory ! These keys will easily remove bungs from both Steel and Plastic containers. An attractive zinc coating gives long term protection against corrosion with a plastic handgrip for ease of use. Non sparking brass version is available for use with hazardous or explosive contents. Our steel universal drum closure key or wrench will remove any drum plug , a bronze version is available for all drums containing flammables. The long handle makes opening easier for the operator.